Fayette Montessori students help families in need

Wed, 03/25/2009 - 8:55am
By: The Citizen

Fayette Montessori students help families in need The Upper Elementary students at Fayette Montessori. Photo/Special.

By Anna Lisicia

Special to The Citizen

We, the Upper Elementary classroom of Fayette Montessori School, have been very active in helping families in need and are currently thinking of ways to help and entertain children at a children’s home. We realized that in these tough economic times that there are people in our community that need some extra help. As a class, this called to our compassion. We decided to organize a food and clothing drive to benefit a group of people, and it went very well.

We then had a bake sale to raise money to buy the things we did not collect in the drive. The five oldest kids in the class (5th -8th grade) went to Wal – Mart to shop for other items once we raised the money. When we set everything we collected out, there was barely enough room to walk. The people who received these things were both touched and ecstatic. They just couldn’t believe that someone would do this much for them.

We would like to thank all of the families from Fayette Montessori School and others that donated food, clothes, or anything else. We are just so grateful we have the time and freedom to do these things. Our class challenges and encourages people everywhere to look around and lend a hand.

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