Pattiz wins top honors at filmfest 15

Fri, 03/20/2009 - 12:16pm
By: The Citizen

Peachtree City resident Will Pattiz received top honors last night at The Heritage School’s 15th annual Filmfest. His film was praised as “the total package” by the school’s video production instructor, Jeff Stuart. “In this film are a knife fight, fist fight, shootouts, and a chase!”

Pattiz film titled, OOBips: Game of Death earned Will Pattiz Best Director and Best Editor awards. The villain in the movie earned the Best Actor award. This was the fourth film written, directed, filmed, and edited by Pattiz during his high school career. Each year, his films feature the largest film cast (usually 22 people), longest filming schedule, and longest editing process.

“He is Mr. Organized,” said Jeff Stuart at the Filmfest awards ceremony. “You have to be when you take on such a large cast and such an ambitious project.”

“It was great fun to work with this outstanding cast and crew. They were terrific about doing scenes over so that I could get a different camera angle on the action.”

The Heritage School is a non-profit non-denominational college preparatory school located in Newnan, Georgia.

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