Harrison resigns from council

Thu, 03/19/2009 - 3:14pm
By: John Munford

Taking ‘dream job’ with FAA in Washington

Citing an offer he couldn’t refuse, Senoia Councilman Keith Harrison announced he would be resigning so he can take a “dream job” with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington.

Harrison said the decision was difficult and he made it with deep regret. At the same time, he didn’t feel right staying in office when he would be out of town so often.

That would not be fair to the city, the people who elected him and his fellow council members, Harrison said.

Because Harrison’s term expires the end of this year, the City Council may appoint someone to serve in the seat, according to city regulations. But first the council has to formally accept Harrison’s resignation, which is effective April 1.

Harrison said in his announcement that he has learned a lot serving on council and he always tried to look out for the city’s interests as a whole instead of a particular group or individuals.

“I love this city and I love working with you guys, Richard, Debbie and all the staff in the city,” Harrison said.

Then Harrison spoke about his fellow council members.

“I know with the amount of arguing we do amongst each other they have everybody’s best interest at heart ... to try and keep us that small town community. ... We are always going to grow but let’s do it the way we want to in small little increments.”

Mayor Robert Belisle said he appreciated Harrison’s service.

Harrison said he has for years wanted the position with the FAA in which he will deal with technical and safety issues.

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