Coweta Commission considers town hall meetings

Thu, 03/05/2009 - 4:16pm
By: Ben Nelms

Anybody up for a town hall meeting? The topic was discussed by Coweta County commissioners Feb. 26 with all agreeing. Times and dates have not been set.

Beginning the discussion, commission Chairman Paul Poole said the possibility of having annual town hall meetings in each of the county’s 5 districts had come from District 3 Commissioner Randolph Collins.

Collins suggested that commissioners could hold the meetings in their own district and could be joined by a commissioner from an adjoining district. District 5 Commissioner Al Smith, representing Newnan, suggested that a council member could be asked to attend.

Discussing a tentative meeting format, several commissioners thought a town hall meeting would serve a better purpose if residents brought items for discussion rather than having a pre-arranged agenda. That way, meetings could be more spontaneous and open-ended, some suggested.

Commissioners all agreed that town hall meetings would be beneficial. They tentatively agreed that one meeting could be held every other month to accommodate the county’s 5 districts. No meeting dates were set.

County Attorney Jerry Ann Conner told commissioners all town hall meetings would need to be advertised.

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