Senoia adopts new ordinances

Thu, 03/05/2009 - 4:04pm
By: Ben Nelms

Senoia council members March 2 adopted ordinances covering miscellaneous offenses, rules and regulations for park use and speed limits. The council also heard the first reading of the proposed solid waste ordinance.

The miscellaneous offenses ordinance covers loitering, and keeping a disorderly house to matters of public urination and defecation. The Loitering Ordinance specifies loitering as the presence of an individual in any public place or business where the person’s presence is unrelated to the normal activity of the location. Violations include hindering or obstructing unreasonably the free passage of pedestrians or vehicular traffic, refusing to leave after being asked by the owner or agent of the premises or by law enforcement, participating in conduct that unreasonably disrupts the repose or peace of persons acting lawfully or causing people to fear for their safety.

Another portion of the loitering ordinance involves juveniles. If a minor with a first-time conviction, the responsible adult will be issued a warning citation. Upon further convictions, the responsible adult will face punishment through city court.

The Disorderly House Ordinance indicates the conditions that will constitute a violation. It will be unlawful for a person, or for that person to permit others, acting in a boisterous, noisy or riotous manner to assemble in or about a house, building, structure, vehicle or on any private property to the reasonable annoyance or disturbance of other persons living or working nearby, the ordinance said. Also prohibited will be assembly in the aforementioned areas for gambling or any illegal activity or purpose.

The final miscellaneous offenses ordinance was one pertaining to public urination or defecation. Those bodily functions must be confined to areas designated to public toilets, restrooms or bathrooms, according to the ordinance.

While under review Feb. 16 at the first reading of the ordinance on the use of city park land, council members voiced several considerations that were adopted March 2. Among those were issues pertaining to Merrimac Lake and the surrounding park areas.

As adopted, the ordinance covers various such as the times of operation, the circumstances under which a person might be excluded from city parks and a lengthy list of accepted and prohibited behavior while on park properties. The ordinance also covers the requirements for independent sports leagues. And concerning Merrimac Lake and the stone cabin, the ordinance spells out the parameters involving alcohol consumption and requirements for issues such as fishing.

The ordinance on speed limits cited a long list of streets with limits ranging from 25-45 miles per hour. A complete list of those streets and accompanying speed limits can be obtained at city hall.

Also at the March 2 meeting was the first reading of the proposed solid waste ordinance.

For more information on the new ordinances contact city hall at (770) 599-3679.

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