SILENT sickness of Domestic Violence AFFECTS ALL!!

First off~ Don't judge this poor women until you personally have experienced Domestic Violence!! This is real, every where and affects the rich and the poor. People comment "How could she do this and sit there and take this??" Well this is NOT the reality of this game we call Domestic Violence!!

Believe me I see the victims daily, I work in Domestic Violence and it is REAL! This was very typical of the victim behavior to "just take what he dishes out" so to speak because she really believed that she had NO OTHER choice. Do you THINK that this just started to happen the past year and a half? Sure the violence level did but they were married over 17 years judging from her childrens ages.... It starts out softly, he controls and dominates and they get used to this as if it were normal. Basically they know NO OTHER way~ Then he builds on that little by little until he gets away with this sort of monsterous behaviors!!

Is she frightened? Of course she is because SHE knows him best and obviously knows WHAT he is capable of!! Her life and that of her children are at stake and all she can think about is PURE survival!! It becomes all that she is consumed with.

So please DON'T question or judge her for this~ LOOK at HIM and HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE for his demented actions!!
Domestic Violence is truly a SICK epidemic and if you think it is not in your neighborhood, think again! They look and act normal to the outside world but behind closed doors they are Dr. Jeckle/Mr.Hyde and capable of ANY thing!!

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