Sonny got$ 400,000,000 from D.C. Yesterday

It showed up in the states bank account!!!

It is to continue paying for health care for old dudes, people with no insurance and kids.

Rather than raise Georgia's taxes to pay for things, I think
Sonny will take the money from D.C., but just continue to bitch about wasteful expenditures from D.C!

That way he gets the money (which was paid by taxpayers in Georgia) but can also say he didn't raise the taxes to get it!!

What is the definition of hypocrisy?

I'll just bet a lot more will continue to show up in Sonny's state bank account, and he will keep that also.
Saxby and that other GA Senator (Johnny) hasn't told Sonny to return the money I don't think. Westmoreland probably has!

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