Proposed media specialist reassignment

It is amazing to me that School Board proposes cutting every school to one full time media specialist. High schools enrollment average 1500- Elementary schools 400. High school English students write 1-2 research papers a year.
To top if off the media specialist that will stay will be based on seniority, not who is the best qualified at the school. We are no longer operating in the days of the Dewey decimal system and libraries being about printed material. Our high schools produce some of the highest performing students in the state, and the board is planning on leaving us with a media specialist that lacks the skills to help keep our students competitive in this technology driven world.
Many of the media specialists have CHOSEN to increase their skills and learn how to use all of the equipment and latest technology in the building, some of them have not. Assignments do not have to be made on seniority alone.
Section 6 of Board policy regarding assignments and transfers states that reassignments may deviate from proposed procedure of seniority if;
The last employed person has special expertise deemed essential to a particular school program. It is the responsibility of the principal, in conjunction with the Superintendent, to justify any such recommendations for retention.
Does the school board or Dr. Decotis know which media specialist in each building knows how to do everything required for the job? The principal does. Let the principal decide who will support out students and teachers best!
We need to keep the people who will serve the best interest of the school, and most importantly the students, not just because they are the most senior.

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