Iraq's loss of scholastics

When we bombed out Baghdad and took over just the capital, most of Iran's educated class--professors, etc., left the country.

Most have also never come back and may never after six years of absence!

We have made a bargain with the devil, (Sunnis) to help us fight the Shiite terrorist groups and that will last about as long as the money does that we pay them to help us. The Petraeus principle at work. It did get him out of there with a promotion and temporarily reduced the casualty list.

Now do we go into Afghanistan heavily and allow them (Muslim terrorists) to snipe at us from both Pakistan and Iraq when we leave there?

I don't know of many hospitals, water works, electrical grids, decent schools and colleges and no universities making any progress. Neither have we made any progress in Afghanistan except maybe the Kabul city stronghold.

We have done more harm than good and moved terrorism to the middle east entirely in much greater numbers. We may also be due for another catastrophe here in the USA, only more devastating than 9/11.

Maybe, Obama and company can see this!

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