Coraline: Wide World of Weirdness

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 3:43pm
By: Kevin Thomas


This is the downright weirdest movie I have ever seen. It was strange, unpredictable, and so random. It was also psychedelic. Anyone can see this as long as they are expecting something they have never seen before. Because the movie is strange, the review will be too.( Just warning you)

Anyway, it’s the story of Coraline Jones: her parents work 24/7 and never pay attention to her. Besides her two neighbors, the two sisters April and Miriam, Mr. Bobinski, and Wybie, a talkative neighborhood nerd, Coraline has no one to communicate with. Since things don’t go very well between Wybie and Coraline, he gives her a doll that looks exactly like her. Then Coraline finds a secret door in her house that is bricked up behind the door.

At night, however, the door is open and Coraline goes through it to find herself in an alternate version of her life. In this life her parents pay attention to her and are practically Coraline’s servants. Coraline is enchanted by this world. Mr. Bobinski and April and Miriam are there too. Wybie is also there, only his mouth is sewed shut. All these strange seemingly LSD-induced characters have buttons for eyes.

When Coraline wakes up, however, she is in the normal world again. Neglective parents, Wybie can talk; everything back to normal. So Coraline is stuck in the real world. Until her real mother goes out of the house. When Coraline goes to the door (it’s during the day), the door to the twilight zone is open. When she enters the Other World again, Coraline is asked by the Other parents if she wants to stay in that world forever, at one price: Coraline will have to get buttons sewed in her eyes. Coraline comes to her senses because a talking cat (there are always talking animals in animated movies it seems) warns her the Other mother is evil.

This movie is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. In my four years of reviewing movies, never have I seen something as strange as this. Go to this movie only if you are looking for a reminder of the 70’s and are looking for something totally different from anything you have ever seen before. “Coraline” is directed by Henry Selick, the guy who did “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” which I didn’t like. “Coralline” impressed me though, despite the fact that it was strange.

Rated PG for Thematic elements, language, and suggestive humor

There is only one bad word in this movie, and it’s not even that bad, and as for suggestive humor, one scene in the movie features alternate April and Miriam in a wardrobe malfunction.

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