PALS Program Participates in Transition Fair

Tue, 02/10/2009 - 3:38pm
By: The Citizen

The PALS (Peers are Linking Students) program at Starr’s Mill High was just one of the potential resources available for families of children with special needs to learn about at the annual Building Alliances Transition Fair sponsored by Exceptional OPS and the school system’s Exceptional Children’s Department.

PALS is a national club aimed at fostering friendships between special needs and regular education students. The focus of the club is to allow students of all ability levels to experience the benefits of friendship, dedication and responsibility. Social interaction among students is fostered through one-on-one group activities such as bowling, eating out, skating and attending chapter meetings. Club activities are held both during and after school.

Starr’s Mill was the first high school in the county and Georgia to start a PALS program in 2006. Since then, other high schools in the county have followed suit.

The Transition Fair was a great opportunity for one-stop information and resource shopping for families of students with disabilities.

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