Banks are still broke, I hear!
They were in such poor position with their invaluable "assets" that no amount of available money can bail them out!

They are to be nationalized and that is not good!
They should be closed, permanently. New banks opened is the answer.

We owe bank stockholders nothing and bank executives nothing.

Open new banks that are capitalized by the good assets of the current banks, "good assets" none of the trash.

Burn down most of the foreclosed homes that are in disrepair or in terrible neighborhoods.
Then build some more with the new banks financing them at a low interest rate to people who deserve to own a home.

Those who can't afford a home will have to live in cheaper, less high maintenance, and decent homes. Rent, lease, or sell them these homes as they can afford it. Get them a job where possible.

It is estimated that to make the current banks whole, it would require maybe 20-30 Trillion dollars. They could never pay that back! It would be squandered on stockholders, execs, and buying other junk banks.

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