Maybe a change here?

When President Obama met with all of the top Military Staff, including the Secretary of Defense, I have to conclude that he asked them for a recommendation and a plan of action to resolve the Iraqi war, and also the next plan for Afghanistan--notwithstanding Pakistan!

Notice I didn't say that he gave them an order to do it a certain way.

What we may have here is a Commander-in-Chief who understands that the Military plans and fights wars, not the White House and it's power groups.

The chances that no plan presented by the military will be acceptable to the President are slim. The President of course will make the final decision on the direction of the wars and issue the order through the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since the President is also the head of State in addition to head of government, he then must convey to the necessary countries of the world--through the Secretary of State, what information he can release.

All our military needs are "general" orders and objectives. They have their own manuals and methods and do not need the CIA usually for anything. They will ask them if they need them!

The details of how to fight and win are up to them. If a rogue senior military person is hindering actions beyond the control of the military--then his immediate boss will replace him upon orders from the Commander-in-Chief.
Reference (MacArthur in Korea).

We haven't had this type of government or State department in many years. We may have now.

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