Budget woes!

Saw where the Georgia republicans want the feds to bail em out, but don't want the name of asking them feds fer it--due to the next election, I guess.
They want the Dems to ask fer it!
Now why can't PTC git sum uf it?

Jyars whut wil hoppen wif this budget thang:
Now that all posturing is bout dun, the fellers at city hall will quit buyin anythang else this hyar yar. Even if neded! No O.T. wil be pade.
People wil be couraged to leave.
and jes maybe they wil borroe sum muney!
They ain't nowaway thet the bigwigs wil take a 15-25% cut in pay---they wil say it won't be naere nuf and whuts the use!

Thet aint nyf though, so whar wil rest cum from?
Can't raze tax or mil in middle uf yar, can't send out nother bill fer more muney, so, hit looks lak they wil nede to bounce sum checks. You'll git em but ye can't cashem, jest yet!

I ain't drivin no more in PTC ceptin sneekin out thu back way rail slow fer awhile neither.

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