PTC creates new buffer for subdivisions

Fri, 01/16/2009 - 4:19pm
By: John Munford

Some residents in Peachtree City will be getting some additional buffer protection from new development thanks to a new regulation passed by the City Council Thursday night.

Developers of any office, commercial or industrial project will be required to maintain a 75 foot undisturbed buffer along any border that abuts residentially-zoned property. Inside that buffer no clearing activity will be allowed, which is different than current city regulations, said City Planer David Rast.

Stormwater detention features would also be banned from the 75-foot "transition yard,

The regulation replaces the previous 30 foot setback that allowed parking closer than the normal building setback for a commercial, office or industrial development.

When a greenbelt is present, that distance will be counted against the 75 foot requirement, Rast said. There are also provisions in the ordinance for additional landscaping to be placed in the transition yard to screen the development from residents' views.

Mayor Harold Logsdon asked if the regulation would make any site undevelopable. City Attorney Ted Meeker noted that courts have protected cities' ability to enact buffer requirements, but property owners could seek a variance based on a hardship if they choose.

Such variances generally must be considered by the City Council.

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