The Distraction. Maybe?

Now that no one cares just how much money congress approves (borrows) and how much the Federal reserve issues in long term bonds, maybe it is the right time to blow enough cash to help solve the utter fiasco we have in our financial situation.

The two wars and threats of others have been the distraction for eight years that has allowed the administration to begin the money printing. Now it may be the threat the banks and other financial institutions hold over us (we won't loan) to get their sorry butts bailed out.

On top of all the other insults to us, the ordinary taxpaying citizens, all this for the most part was allowed to happen in a "conservative" administration. I heard no one from the conservatives throwing Bush and pals under the bus for those years. It wasn't all his fault alone

I can not nor will I believe that these people didn't know we were "selling" too much credit and that it had to crash!! Guess too many owned too much bank and oil stock!

Right now I don't know any conservatives (people who vote for conservatives--not money) and there may never ever again be enough to form a winning party!

The continued floating of bailouts to the banks and none directly to the ones who need and deserve loans is not going to work.

Buy up and burn the foreclosed and near foreclosed houses, arrange low interest loans and secondary no-interest down payments--due in five years--to those then in need of a home, give them a job doing something useful, and we may get out of it in 3-4 years.

Otherwise many years and the banks simply start accumulating all of the land as they did in 1930s. With our money. They are not patriots, just crooks!

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