Wag The Dog!

Most of the Israel's government leaders are up for election!

They probably would not have been elected if they had not bombed and invaded a small beach house in a place called Gaza.

The Muslim terrorists in Gaza have been lobbing firecrackers at a small town in Israel for years--they have hurt a few and should have been punished for it.

Shades of Saddam and Iraq! Didn't something like that happen 5-6 years ago when "The Camp" from Afghanistan training facilities blow up our trade center?
Well we soon said Iraq liked them doing that, so we destroyed the oldest nation on earth to really no avail. We didn't like Saddam and his internal terror but neither do we like Fidel, or that guy in Venezuela, or IL, or Hussein of Syria-- but we aren't blowing them up.
How about a half dozen real butchers in African nations?
They do not have any oil do they?

Somehow the Iraqis didn't throw out rose petals for our guys to walk on, did they?
Bad intelligence? Yeah, what they read!

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