Square Foot Ministries to build counseling center

Tue, 12/30/2008 - 4:53pm
By: Ben Nelms

It was not that long ago that Fayette Counseling Center was faced with financial obstacles that made its continued existence problematic.

But those problems were solved, thanks to the Fayette County Commission and the non-profit Square Foot Ministry. A large community event planned at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Fayetteville Feb. 14 will begin construction of the new facility.

Fayette County is providing the land on Bradley Avenue to house the new counseling center. The center will pay $100 per year for the use of the property.

That expense will be easy to bear compared to the nearly $3,000 per month rent currently paid by the center. Fayette Counseling Center has 20 years at its current location on Braxton Court in Fayetteville.

“We are so appreciative to the commissioners for being willing to think outside the box, giving us this lease. That’s what really makes it possible for this to happen. We are so excited about actually having a new building,” said Clinical Coordinator Jane Fanslow. “And Square Foot’s enthusiasm and dedication, their vision and attitude that nothing is impossible, has been so inspiring to me. Their participation has been nothing short of inspirational.”

Fanslow said the 3,800-square-foot counseling center will be a bit larger than the current facility, though it will allow for a better utilization of space.

As for the building project itself, Square Foot Ministry (SFM) is ready for the construction project they hope will involve groups and individuals throughout the Fayette community.

SFM’s Beth Barron said Lowe’s is donating material and the facility to frame up the sides of the building. Once completed, the walls will be transported by flat-beds through downtown and to the construction site. Barron said SFM is looking for school, church and civic groups that want to help with framing at Lowe’s and with hammering at the Bradley Avenue location.

But far from a construction event, the parking lot at Lowe’s will be transformed into a community event, Barron said, with plenty of food and games for the kids.

Barron said the building’s interior will be finished by SFM once funds become available.

The Fayette Counseling project is named Legacy Build ‘08. It is a fitting name supplied by the well-known Square Foot Ministry.

“Although the problem is large, together we can make a difference,” said SFM’s Maggie Clark. “This year Square Foot Ministry along with the Fayette Counseling Center is working to make a difference right here in Fayette County, with Legacy Build ‘08. This build will provide for a place for families and individuals who seek help to be able to find it. The Fayette Counseling Center provides a life preserver for families and individuals. The need is now for a clinic in which to operate. Fayette County has provided land on which to build this clinic all we need is the help to do so, including help financially as well as with labor and organization. Come and help be a part of this build and help live a legacy of God’s love to those that will need help now and into the future. They are our neighbors, brothers and sisters, right here in Fayette County.”

Fayette Counseling Center, operated by the McIntosh Trail Community Service Board (CSB), serves people of all ages who suffer from mental illnesses, behavioral problems, and substance abuse.

People come to the center from referrals from the Department of Family and Children’s Services, Promise Place, the court system and through walk-ins. Fayette Counseling Center served almost 1,000 people during 2007, logging over 2,800 hours of service to people in need.

Donations for the project are needed. All donations are tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to Square Foot Ministry-Legacy Build ‘08 and can be sent to P.O. Box 371, Fayetteville, GA 30214. For other information on how to help with this project, visit www.legacybuild08.com or contact Beth Barron at 678-233-4662.

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