Fletcher takes home Miss Georgia Teen USA title

Wed, 12/24/2008 - 9:22am
By: Michael Boylan

Fletcher takes home Miss Georgia Teen USA title

Brooke Fletcher, a junior at Starr’s Mill High School, is no stranger to pageants. Still, the shock of winning Miss Georgia Teen USA and qualifying for the Miss Teen USA Pageant next August was hard to shake.

“It still hasn’t hit me,” said Fletcher in an interview last month. “It’s very exciting.”

The win has kept Fletcher, already busy with schoolwork and a number of extra-curricular activities, on the go. She has participated in the 11 Alive Can-a-Thon, as well as a program that gets suits donated for women, and will also be in the Peach Bowl Parade.

Fletcher had done a pageant or two in the past and decided in 2007 to go out for Miss Pride of Fayette County. After winning the pageant, she entered the Sunburst International pageant and decided to go into Miss Georgia Teen USA.

“I had never done a pageant this big before,” said Fletcher of Miss Georgia Teen USA, adding that it was good preparation for Miss Teen USA, which has the potential to be huge. “A Miss Teen USA title can lead to so much more and open a lot of doors.” Fletcher, a member of the Starr’s Mill drama department, is hoping to enter a career in broadcasting or acting after college.

The Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant lasted three days and featured a lot or rehearsals, interviews and events. The girls in the pageant worked with chorepgraphers during the pageant and were constantly on the move. This helped create a lot of comradery among the contestants.

The Miss Teen USA will be similar only much larger in scope. The dates have yet to be announced and it is unclear whether or not the pageant will be televised yet. If it does make tv, the pageant will almost double in length with there being a lot more rehearsal time for the contestants.

There is a lot to do to preapre for pageants like Miss Georgia Teen USA and Miss Teen USA and Fletcher is always working. She is always eating healthy and avoiding junk food, which is not the easiest thing to do during the holidays, and staying on top of current events to prepare for interview questions.

Fletcher hopes to follow her brother, Brian, to Auburn University. In addition to her pageant wins and her involvement in the high school theater program, she has a lot of impressive items on her resume, including mentoring at Peeples Elementary and being a member of the Starr’s Mill varsity cheerleading squad.

The announcement of the Miss Teen USA pageant is expected soon and once Fletcher knows when it will be, the preparations, which are already underway with a number of different coaches and sponsors, will ramp up.

Fletcher is focused on this pageant, but admits that she would like to participate in even bigger pageants one day. In April, she will go to Las Vegas to watch the Miss USA pageant and it will be hard not to think of one day being on that stage herself.

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