Please let me know but ????

I really may be wrong but why are the (our) Fayette County tax dollars going for anything else but EDUCATION (Are we having to pay for the FCBOE's Home). Don't we pride ourselves on the education of our children? Was it the election - Obama does not know what he has got him self into? Did we do that wrong? I voted Republican. I stand by that. The State of Georgia voted Rebublican.

Then why are our children of Fayette County being not granted a great education - (isn't that what we pay taxes for)? What can I do to make this for the Fayette County KIDS not the BOE families? My family moved here from Greenville, SC for a better education.

Although, Whitewater High School is the BEST. Go Wildcats......

I am hoping that the FCBOE makes better decisions next year. OR MAYBE most of the Moms and Dads that I have met should entered. I really think they would be better than the 0nes just voted office. I read a lot. HOW A BOUT - some of the guys (or girls) here on the Fayette Citizen BLOG. Can we vote in High School Students as FCBOE? They know what the schools need most of all.

I know I said GO WILDCATS, but I could have been saying any that any school in Fayette County. Please let's stand up for our kids and our Fayette County in education.

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