Autos shut down--how about banks?

Might not it help if all banks also shut down for a few months?

There are enough cars sitting around to do us about a year I think. Also there are enough houses sitting around foreclosed upon or never sold or half finished to do us about the same amount of time.

If the banks were shut down, whoever owns the above mentioned available houses would have to allow people to move in and pay cash rent until they had it paid for or unless the banks reopened sometime.

By the way, there are enough empty commercial buildings, mostly new, in Fayette to set up soup kitchens and bread lines for the coming scarcity of food and money.

One can live on goobers, turnips, roots, hot-house cabbage, home kilt pigs, and goats, and stolen flour, if only the government will furnish cheese, butter, beans, and milk.

Buried apples and potatoes, rounds out a pretty good diet.

The excess deer would soon go away.

Home brew and beer will again be popular, I foresee.

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