Find it in Fayette this shopping season

Tue, 12/16/2008 - 4:28pm
By: The Citizen

With the wide assortment of goods and services available in Fayette County, shoppers don’t have to travel far for their holiday shopping. The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and local municipalities are encouraging consumers to “buy local” to support Fayette businesses and help keep our local economy strong. The Chamber recently launched a new website,, to highlight Fayette businesses and be the go-to place to find holiday events, bargains, and shopping destinations in Fayette County.

Buying local helps us all in the long run. Local businesses produce income, jobs and tax receipts and are likely to support services and non-profits in their own community. Spending our consumer dollars here is even good for the environment because it cuts down on fuel consumption by reducing the need for shoppers to travel long distances and ship goods from far away.

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing tools and resources to help businesses grow and prosper. The website is another effort to connect the community with local businesses for their mutual benefit and help sustain the excellent quality of life we enjoy here in Fayette.

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