Odd Happenings!

FORD Motors announced today that It possibly could make it without bankruptcy filing providing that General Motors and Chrysler also made it with government help!

What is this "provided" stuff?
I know Ford is talking about common suppliers who would go broke without all three buying from them, but I don't believe a word of that, do you?

Have we reached the point in our capitalistic experiment where no one would step forward and make parts for Ford cars if they had Ford orders?

Maybe, just maybe, we can't compete in making cars any more with any other country! Why is that do you suppose?

Also, today most state governors lined up
to apply for federal bailouts for their budgets!
Even the republican governors! Thought they didn't think it correct to beg for federal money?
I think they want anywhere from 2 billion to 20 billion dollars for their ills!
What is the difference in States collecting their own operating money and the feds doing it for them? Hypocrisy?

Another revelation today by the East Indians in old Bombay--all of the terrorists who raided ten different places and killed about 200 and wounded about 4-500, including 5 Americans, all came in by boat!
How could 12 terrorists who came in by boat work ten places at about the same time? Man, we need them in our Special Forces. Wonder how they carried so much ammunition?

One terrorist survived the attack according to the Indians. I don't suppose we can have anything to say about what the definition of torture is to the Indians?

These terrorists seem to all be coming from Pakistan--but it is not really Pakistan, these countries seem to have areas (like Colombia) where they don't rule--like parts of Washington, D.C., or Detroit.

My suggestion is to get out of Iraq totally, including the "green zone" and let them go back to fighting each other as they have for 7000 years, and not even stop in Afghanistan, where the Taliban rule except for Kabul city!

Who do we think we are anyway?

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