Historical preservation added to Senoia budget

Fri, 11/28/2008 - 9:20am
By: John Munford

Senoia officials are expected to add a modest budget in the city’s plans to help the city’s new historical preservation commission.

At Monday’s council meeting, Melinda Gardner said the commission sought $2,300 which included the addition of a web page that would outline the requirements and the historical preservation ordinance for residents. That alone will cost $700 according to the estimate the commission received.

“$700 to build another page?” asked councilman Maurice Grover.

“That’s the quote she was given,” Ferry said.

Gardner said the commission also plans to send out a letter with similar material in addition to hosting training classes for the community.

The commission also wants to have awards for the best historical preservation design in the city, with one going to a commercial development and the other going to a residential development.

The commission also plans to purchase signs that will be erected at homes in the historic district while construction is ongoing. That will help educate residents who live in the district about the requirements of getting approval before making any exterior improvements to their property, Gardner indicated.

The final amount will be less than $2,300, and perhaps as low as $1,500, as the city can use some of its training funds for the training the commission is seeking, officials said.

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