Auto Bailout: what is best for us?

Should we protect the autoworkers unions by keeping benefits as they are?

How is the best way to do that?

Do we want to see at least two of them file for bankruptcy, not pay their bills, renegotiate new loans (as Delta did), negotiate their own wage and benefit cuts with the unions, and combine with each other in some fashion, as Delta is doing?

Can we affford for the auto companies to continue paying $80-90 for every labor hour they spend for labor, retirement, pensions, total health insurance for all, total unemployment benefits (full wages), etc., or must all that or part of it end?

Can congress in good trust do all that?
After all the unions contibute about as much to congress as does the Businesses of this country!

Want to talk about Railroads?
Want to talk about mass transit?
Want to talk about helping the states with roads, bridges, welfare, schools, etc.?

Want to give up the tax system and go straight to an import tax of about 30% on everything?

Want to make our stuff here---not there---where ever that is?

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