What would be wrong?

If we didn't give the banks billions for some of their preferred stock? It is not going to ever pay a dividend anyway to us--they will see to that. Even at the expense of not paying dividends to the common stock holders.

Our government will never take any of their money---there will be a thousand excuses not to take any, and eventually the preferred will be returned free of charge.

All we had to do was leave them in their pickle, (the banks), set up a quick system through the FDIC, or Fannie and Freddie, to loan this untold billions directly to local people who hire people by a simple application form.

The banks would soon beg for some of the business!

As to credit card debt, school loan debt, car finance company debt, payday loan debt, auto company debt, airline debt, technology company debt, and last but not least, states debt, forgetaboutit.

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