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A man stopped into my office a couple weeks ago. He said a profound thing. “It may not be a good time to talk about money right now ... but it’s the proper time.” I couldn’t agree more.

In all our churches right now, even though it may not be a good time to talk about money — for the reasons we all know — it is still “the proper” time. It’s “Stewardship Time,” which even this year, especially this year, is the proper time to talk about money.

And it’s not a bad thing, nor a bad time really.

Please read this and apply it to your own church and your own life of stewardship and Christian giving. Thanks.

I begin with a story relayed to me by my neighbor several years ago.

Once there was a young high-jumper who had worked and worked on clearing the high jump bar at greater and greater heights. Her coach told her she probably could actually break the state record.

She continued to train and develop her strength and technique. But after some time she finally declared to her coach, “Coach, I can’t do it! I can’t break the record! I just can’t get my body over the bar at that height! I don’t have enough speed, strength, or spring in my legs to throw my body up and over such a tall bar!”

After thoughtfully listening, the coach confidently said, “I believe you can! And here’s how: throw your heart over the bar first! Your body will follow!”

As we all come to giving money in our churches, I guess what I’m “coaching” you to do is “throw your heart over the ‘bar’ first! Your body — and your money — will follow!”

In other words, the first thing I’m asking you to give as you “pledge” or “commit” or “estimate” your giving is your heart. Take this opportunity to truly commit or re-dedicate and re-commit your heart to your Lord Jesus Christ even in these “tough times”! Especially in these tough times! And understand that your offering of money is simply your response to God, who first gave his great gift of grace (undeserved love) to you! “Throw your heart over first...Your ‘body’ will follow!” Your “time, talents, and treasures” will follow! And follow with great joy, peace, and satisfaction.

Please prayerfully consider giving and tithing (giving 10 percent).

Please re-evaluate your own personal budgets and priorities.

Please cut back on unnecessary spending so that you can be sure to give your offerings first, then have enough money for your needs.

Please know that my family and I join you in making our tithe and offerings to the Lord through our church. So does your pastor and family. We would never ask you to do something we ourselves are not willing to do. It is a joy to be in this together with you!

Finally, please know that the total amount you give is not what is important. As we each give our tithe, the amount varies, but the gift is the same. If you do not yet tithe, please prayerfully consider this wonderfully joyful, peace-producing way of life. “Try it! You’ll like it!”

I guarantee you that it will be the best investment you’ll ever make, with great “returns” for God, great returns for yourself and your family, great returns for the sake of our community and our world.

And on behalf of all our community churches of so many denominations and non-denominations, let me say thank you for your participation in your church’s stewardship program. Thank you for prayerfully considering your offerings of time and talents and treasures.

Does all this seem hard? Difficult? Impossible?

Well, “Coach Kollmeyer” says: “Throw your heart over first! The rest will follow!”

God loves you! And so do I!

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