Short film Last Bullet highlights courage in Vietnam War while raising money for veterans.

Thu, 10/30/2008 - 3:22pm
By: The Citizen

Short film Last Bullet highlights

Recently filmed on the backlot of Riverwood Studios, the short film Last Bullet emphasizes the courage and valor of soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War. The movie, a project of Tin Roof Films, will be shown in selected theatres and local venues. Proceeds from these events will benefit veterans groups around the South. Directed by Jason Winn and written by Michael Buchanan, Last Bullet is set on the Vietnamese-Cambodian border and tells the story of Matt (Matt Perello) and Shane (J Todd Smith), two soldiers caught in a life-or-death situation.

A crew of 20 worked two long nights on the making of this film. Transformed by bamboo stalks, the Georgia forest became the dark Cambodian jungle. What began as a conversation between Winn and his friend Savi Lorestani last spring became a finished screenplay this summer. “I was on set of a film that Savi was directing and we were brainstorming,” Winn said. “We came up with a simple idea about two guys caught in foxhole and surrounded by the enemy. I called Mike and he finished the first draft in a week.” With the help of military advisor Andy Rice, the story went through several revisions to enhance historical accuracy. After Buchanan and Winn found the crew and cast, and with the assistance of Scott Tigchelaar, president of Riverwood Studios, the dates for shooting were finalized.

Once editing and post-production is completed, Last Bullet is scheduled to be released to independent theatres where proceeds will go to help veterans of present and past wars. Groups who would like to be involved in this project should write or for details. The first showing will be at Reynolds Plantation on December 5. Cast and the creators of Last Bullet will be on hand to answer questions about the movie.

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