Coercion is the Hallmark of the Progressive State

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Somewhere along the way during our march to the modern times, the idea of a government that exists to allow people equal opportunity to succeed has been replaced by a government that exists to give people equal outcomes. But how can there be equal outcomes among the people, a people of varying and diverse talents, intelligence, motivation, and energy? Realistically and historically, equal outcomes can only exist through extreme coercion of the populace. This coercion is justified by the Progressive State. How does it look?

Mirriam-Webster defines coercion as the following: to restrain or dominate by force; to compel to an act or choice; to achieve by force or threat. How does the modern Western state use coercion? Mostly through the policies of taxation and regulation. These policies, in their truest form and at its basest level, are always enacted at the point of the bayonet. Taxation and regulation, when used to force equal outcomes, becomes a liberating force for the unmotivated or unsuited, and an oppressing force to the motivated and clever. The net result is a reduction to the lowest common denominator—the unmotivated and unsuited. This can be illustrated in the case of Universal Health Care.

Universal Health Care is in practice in many Western countries. It starts out with the most compelling argument—“Everyone is entitled to Healthcare”. And so, with the stroke of a pen, everyone is. Equal outcomes. How wonderful! But soon, the government realizes that there is no free lunch. People are using the health services more than expected, more than normal. Why, do they ask? “Because it is free” is the intuitive answer. At first, the government cajoles the people. This fails. They then go after the providers. Compensation rates for health services are slashed. Procedures, especially expensive ones, are rationed. The ability to make a good living in healthcare goes away. The long and expensive training seems unrewarding. Doctors become scarce. Health Services are rationed further. Wait times increase. Soon, the home grown doctor pool dwindles. In Great Britain, many of their new doctors are coming from Arab countries. Seven of these doctors attempted to bomb Piccadilly Circus several months back. The unintended consequence of their healthcare system.

So here is the result of Universal Healthcare. A progressive program. The ability to get health care has become universal. But it is limited and based upon need. It is rationed and people, who once could get healthcare if they paid for it, can no longer get it. If they seek it out in a clandestine way, then the state will coerce nonconforming people to conform. So now the people have a lower form of healthcare, and the inability to go elsewhere.

So a great progressive ideal, Universal Healthcare, is defeated by human nature. Eventually, most progressive ideals, when taken to their ultimate conclusion force the people to accept less benefits and more interference from the government. Coercion is the hallmark of the progressive state.

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