Computers Playing Games!

The DOW up and down from day to day as much as nearly a thousand points, 8-10% of the day's value.
Is that very likely being caused by you and me?

Of course it isn't, it is institutions trading by computer.

It is my opinion that they can "rig" the ups and downs with computer trading, thereby making money by lowering the value first, buying while low, then running it up and selling!

People like us are riding a train where we aren't the engineer and must go where the train takes us. The money they make is ours, or those not so smart.

Those who are optimistic currently by the stock market not bottoming out quickly should instead evaluate some other things as to where we may be headed. There is money yet to be made on the stock market by computers.

Try studying unemployment, bank loaning, foreclosures, business failures, empty storefronts, housing, debt of people, debt of corporations, auto companies, airlines, local government expenses, state budgets, 401-k values, other no-tax investments, and many other items in bad condition.

Inflation also has been with us for a year or two now, although false numbers have been supplied by the government, and now inflation is really taking off--mostly due to debt by every entity and many citizens who have been living far above their means.

Colleges are going to suffer also--student loans are way behind and now very difficult
to obtain.

Pundits are guessing anywhere from a few months to a year for all this to turn around!
That is more stupid positive lies!
No way that is now possible unless of course we have a few more wars on which to spend more money that we don't have.

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