Banks still at it!

Saw an ad today for CD's paying 6.5% interest.
A company called: First Fidelity Financial was offering them.
I read the fine print with a magnifying glass.
They are not a bank--they simply find a bank who will make the following offers:

$10,000 minimum deposit, must join bank and have checking account there. Good for only three months and can change at any time.
Any deposit over $10,000 is at a "different" payment rate! Steep fees for cash in.

All advertising now seems to be directed to a certain naive, simple type group of people! Ever try to compare prices and features of new TVs? Practically impossible as the features are scrambled and confused with "after back" savings, and old technology.

I will admit that we do have more, percentage-wise, simple people than ever, but isn't there a law against half-truths and deceit?

And those TV ads, on everywhere now--not just late at night for the "wanderers."
"This is not available in store!" (mainly because Wal-Mart won't have the thing!)
Scooter stores, and hoverrounds actually sponsor Brian Williams!
Patent salves and rub-ons are apparently selling by the ton--made in China with lead--no doubt.
"Head-on" is real good stuff! Almost any kind of "on" stuff is selling like crazy.
Go into a lot of homes, and the kitchen drawers are full of unused gadgets, tried twice and thrown down! There are more running electrical tredmills under beds than out from under them!
Diets! Now I can't get started on diets. Oprah has lost 3000 pounds in ten years on six diet plans, then gained it back. She got 150 Million!
Got two going now: Chines Tea and some kind of South American berry!

All on e has to do is quit eating too much at a time.

What the heck are we looking for now, anyway?

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