Starr's Mill High School Drama Department to Perform "The Diviners"

Fri, 10/17/2008 - 4:07pm
By: The Citizen

Starr's Mill High School Drama Department to Perform "The Diviners"

A small town torn apart by a tragic drowning and the devastating effect of the Great Depression is the setting for Jim Leonard Jrs. powerful, poignant, and deeply humorous play “The Diviners” opening October 22 at the Starr's Mill High School Willie Duke Auditorium. Under the direction of Mr. David Spearman, the play will be performed by the Starr's Mill High School Drama Department October 22, 23, and 25. All performances are scheduled at 7 p.m.

“The Diviners” is set in the mythical town of Zion, a dirt-poor Indiana town where water and faith are in short supply. The play revolves around a fourteen year old boy left motherless and brain-damaged by a near-drowning as a child. The experience renders Buddy Layman, played by Dillon Roseen, with a fear of water that makes him so sensitive he can find a well in a dry field. Buddy’s gift is a boon to the local farmers fighting drought, economic depression and despair. Into this setting wanders C.C. Showers, played by Michael Houck, a back sliding preacher from Kentucky. The charismatic Showers is struggling with a crisis of faith. He’s left his church and hit the road, like many in those Depression years, looking for any kind of work other than preaching.

Showers meets Buddy and is drawn to him and his family. The ex-preacher tries to help the boy overcome his fear of water but runs into the will of the community who want him to stay and become a pastor again and who consider the boy to be dangerous. The two outcasts find a common bond and help each other search for “divine” truth, faith and hope.

The Starr’s Mill drama department peformed this show seven years ago and none of this year’s cast, many of whom were in fifth grade the last time this was staged, had seen the show. Spearman selected this play again because it provides opportunity for all the students in the cast as well as challenges for them as actors.

“We are taking a totally different approach to the staging this time, so people who saw it seven years ago won’t recognize the show, although some of the dialogue may be familiar,” said Spearman.

“The Diviners” is a heart warming look at the struggles of rural people to make sense of a world turned upside down. With characters who resonate with questions of faith, divinity, and the power of nature, the supporting cast includes seniors Jordan Bailey, Alli Christensen, Allan Debee, Alex DeJoy,  Maegan Ewing, Ann Taylor Holley, Clare McBride, Anna Tucker, Brian Walsh, and juniors Brooke Fletcher, Trevor Comeau, and Ross Wilcox.

Tickets for “The Diviners” are general admission and can be purchased in the school office. Tickets are $5 in advance and $8 at the door. This play is recommended for mature audiences.

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