CTK to host purity seminar

Tue, 11/04/2008 - 2:20pm
By: The Citizen

Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church in Sharpsburg will host a November class for middle school and high school age youth, their parents, and clergy on “Sex, Love, and Relationships.” The class is sponsored by The diocese of the Mid-South.

The course was developed by renowned abstinence educator, Mrs. Pam Stenzell and has been taught in hundreds of schools and churches around the world. The course takes a serious look at the physical, emotional and spiritual consequences of sexual activity outside of marriage.

“With pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases statistics at all-time highs, this course will challenge young people to embrace the benefits of abstinence,” a spokespersonn said. “As opposed to much of ‘safe sex’ messages being promoted in our culture, this course educates teens about the best form of safe sex — sexual abstinence until marriage. It is the premise of this course that if today’s young people are given all the facts, they are fully capable of making good, healthy decisions.”

The Rev. Randall Allen, a sponsoring pastor said, “It can be said that many churches have failed parents in helping them teach their children about sex. Instead of taking an active role helping to teach youth God’s view of sex and relationship, the responsibility for sex education has been abdicated to the public school system. The result? Our youth are being misinformed and being taught that it is okay to have sex outside the bonds of marriage, ‘just be careful.’ Would you tell your child it is okay to drink and drive, just be careful?”

Father David Epps, pastor of Christ the King, said, “We are a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-children church. If we are to be faithful to this identity, we must be faithful and teach purity.”

The seminar will be Saturday, Nov. 8, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Christ the King Church, 4881 Ga. Hwy. 34 East, Sharpsburg. To register, contact David and Sharon Holland at purityseminar@midsouthdiocese.org or 770-929-6751.

Lunch and snacks will be provided at $6 per person.

The seminar is sponsored by the division of commissioned ministers and lay ministry development of the Diocese of the Mid-South, Dr. Judy Massey, Peachtree City, coordinator.

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