We will easily make that first Trillion estimate!

Today to the Credit Bill we added kids practice arrows, protected those lucky enough to have a quarter million in cash in the bank by the FDIC people (aren't they about broke?)

Also, Insurance companies now must pay for full needed treatment of mental cases just as they do for non-mental cases? I'm not sure if that money is for the Senate members or for those poor souls already in those horror institutions we have in Georgia!

Sonny, called in and asked for some free gas to be tacked on for us here in Georgia. Of course Tennessee, SC, VA, etc., will hear of it and get their free gas.

Also, Galveston, Houston, and every state that the big hurricane followed, were added in for relief. Those poor suckers don't have juice yet. No jobs, No nothing!
I'm not sure how that will help right now to keep the banks solvent and loaning!

Oh, and I heard a hint about the home developers who need operating cash to build some more houses is included.
Don't we own about two million foreclosed ones now? Plus 10,000 more per week?

My goodness where is President Hoover? He knows how to find someone to do better than this.

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