Fair Tax : The Movie

Starring N. Boortz, J. Linder, and everyone making over 100,000 dollars as extras.
Someone mentioned this movie and I went to see it.

It is a farcical comedy pretending that we will all get a check from the government every month in the amount of about $5-600 dollars.
Most of our homeless were living on that amount which would buy their beer and cigarettes and occasionally a stick of bologna. By sleeping under the Interstate in a 80" TV set box, and getting their vegetables at Kroger in the back of the store (outside) they do fairly well. They go to Grady for fever and broken stuff! (Grady was still losing money).

Retail establishments who collect 30% of everything spent except for bombers, is having trouble with thieves! Someone breaks into nearly every establishment every night and steals not only the 30% but the 70% as well.

Some of these thieves just walk in during the day and just want the 30% (government's share).

It is all insured by AIG (they survived) and pay the government for all stolen.

Amazingly, only about one-half of those huge daily collections ever get to Washington. There is a booming business in loaning it out for 48 hours at 30% interest rates and breaking the arms of those who don't pay it back in five days, thumbs only if just 34 hours late. (provides jobs for big former cops).

Every store has two sets of cash registers and books. It is amazing how they can sell a $1000 worth of goods and only take in $150 in tax. Shouldn't that tax be $333.33? The movie indicated just how they do all that---Halliburton provides the machines.

The USA goes broke again in the end, but there is a statue of Liberty in the sand at Miami Beach with just the torch showing. JEB Bush walks of cursing the Banks as he walks away from the torch!!

Boortz and Linder died years ago from the movie date---rich but unhappy.

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