Federal regulations & Bush Doctrine!

We don't need any!

And, for those who don't know, including Sarah, The Bush Doctrine is as follows:

Countries who aren't run by a democracy are going to harm us eventually. We must take appropriate action as we can to change them!
There are of course certain exceptions, such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Russia, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, England, All of Africa, and others as designated later.

Regulations are a pain in the back. Our smoke stacks would be spouting trash like crazy if not for them, Oil would be drilled inside Miami by now, New Orleans would be one big derrick, All those pesky safety precautions hold things up, and banks can't make us rich people a lot of money.

We would have six million bombers, six million troops, and be on Mars by now without the stupid things.

We would simply occupy everything in the middle east and part of Europe.

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