Senoia wants four-year council, mayor terms

Thu, 09/18/2008 - 2:50pm
By: John Thompson

The city of Senoia voted unanimously to ask the General Assembly for a charter change that would allow the mayor and City Council to have four-year terms.

The town currently has two-year terms, but runs into problems in even-year elections when there is a federal election, said city administrator Richard Ferry.

This year, Councilmen Bobby Graham and Maurice Grover were up for election this year. But since nobody qualified to oppose the incumbents, the city will not have to stage a separate election from the national one.

Ferry recommended that the charter change allow Grover and Graham to serve three year terms, which would allow their posts to be decided in 2011. The mayor’s post and other council position are up for election next year, and the four year cycle would guarantee that all elections would take place in odd years and not conflict with national elections.

The only resident who spoke about the change was former City Councilman Bill Wood.

“Elections are costly and four-year terms allows for continuity,” he said.

Councilman Larry Owens said two years is really no enough time to see long-term projects completed.

After the council voted, the measure will now be headed to the General Assembly in January.

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