Poor people buying homes: ANSS

The present Wall Street catastrophe was first blamed on dumb poor people buying homes for no down payment, no closing costs, and temporary low payments and interest rates.
Now it is blamed on ANSS!

(Abusive Naked Short Selling )

I guess that caused a "run."

Naked shorts can cause that, I hear!

What caused the serious problems (soon to get much worse) is:

1. The current government (say, administration) did not want any hindrance of anything done by these bastards. )(crooked bankers and others on wall street)they knew the gamble!

2. No one seemed to recognize that the whole thing was a huge "PONZI" scheme. You know, pay some with money coming in until you get all you can......
Then the bottom drops out.
Just a little smarter and bigger scale than ENRON was!

3. And, frankly, very short-sighted conservatives and others deliberately blinding themselves to a bunch of idiots trying to subvert our thinking with a terrible war!

OK, I will tell you what Naked, abusive, short-selling is--as best I can:

Make a bet on the market that a price of stock will fall. Borrow shares, but don't own or pay for them for a few days or weeks--no one is looking, this does cause the drop and the money is made!
Naked means that they didn't even actually borrow the stock, they never owned or had it, just a note that they did.
Computers are causing anything crooks want now with the market.

Who does this: the rich and hedge funds!
Who pays? All of us eventually. There are a lot of poor suckers right now with their retirement money gone---maybe permanently--or at least vastly reduced.
There are also many new millionaires.

I suspect here in PTC though not many are the slightest bit interested in this stuff enough to hunt down the crooks!

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