Hobbs and a few others here and the "surge"

I can not stand by and let some say that the "surge" has succeeded--Bush's favorite word.

What happened was we bargained with the devil and paid off the same Iraqis that were in the majority before the war, to help control certain areas and we would equip them (as we did the Taliban, before they whipped the Russians).

When that occurred, the terrorists (some of them) moved to Afghanistan and now we are in serious trouble there! "Whack a Mole" it is called!

Iraq still has no government that will stand under any kind of pressure without us.

Iraq has no infrastructure that is functioning even poorly.

Iraq has none of the brain drain, who left, back in country to help them. There is no one to help in Iraq.

Hospitals in general are still pitiful.

Roads are destroyed.

We are letting mostly Iraqis get killed! How long do you think that will last?

Our BIG OLD GREEN ZONE is there to stay, where we can live decently with our troops and send out a patrol occasionally.

Itaq has no credit internationally. They have a few billion in oil cash as a reserve--but nothing significant.

What kind of success is that?

If you want to rebuild the place, send another 500,000 occupiers and an American government cadre there for ten years, and maybe!
England even did that one time and failed. Why? Tried to make them non-Arabs!

It is a total failure at the moment.

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