Republican values

While I will vote for Palin, I do completely disagree that a 12 year old should be made to have a baby from any rape, especially from her father, for goodness sake. But, I also disagree with your guy's position of literally murdering a baby that has survived a botched abortion. That is gruesome, and certainly not progressive. ( though some in the US and EU would think it is.) I would argue that most resonable people, right or left, think abortion is necessary in certain circumstances. It's only some extreme folks on the left and right that go beyond the sense of doing the right thing. (Yes, the right thing can be a matter of opinion). I would also argue that Palin's stance (as you state) would never make it through congress. So, you won't have to worry about Obama missing out on killing a few babies that survive the "proceedure" as he says. It is also why the abortion issue should be a state's right issue. If California wants to murder babies then let Californians vote on that. If Georgia doesn't , then let those folks decide. Perhaps there will be some states that allow it under certain circumstances. Personally, I wouldn't care what an individual would decide.

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