What's Queen Hillary to do now ?

Well the queen didn't make it to the nomination. Boo hoo. But , she is p-o'ed. During the campaign, she tried to get the pee-stream media to "out" John Edwards (aka Steroid Barbie)and his extra-curricular activities. She didn't push too hard because Steriod was running third. But, she didn't get the # 1 slot, so the V-P slot HAD to be hers. So she pushed and pushed the pee-streams to run with the Barbie sex story. Mission accomplished. He's out of the way. Steroid is squished under the bus. The V-P nod was hers. She could easily figure out how to take out Obama with her vast array of dirty tricks. But, wait, McCain was supposed to pick Romney, or Ridge, or Lieberman. Along comes a new, fresh, cute, high-spirited, red-neck chick from Alaska for God's sake. This is the October surprise the demmies didn't figure on. So, Hillary had to bring in her minions in the pee-stream media to trash Sarah and her family, her heritage, her town. Whatever you do , she said to the pee-streams, do not bring up her record. We cannot have her record compared to Hillary's (or the black dude's record). Since his is nothing but hate-filled black power rhetoric, she can handle him, no problem.) The demmies are so concerned that Hillary will become a footnote. And Palin will be the first woman Prez. This is so fun to watch.

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