I've figgered hit out!

Why sum vot fer a republicen and sum fer a democrate!

Hit ain't bout conserve or spend! Hit is bout how well one sid kin hide stuff betern the other side!

Muny is no objectk hyar! We kin stil borrie all we want! Sumsay up to 50% of our product! Althiugh I didnt no we had much product produced eny more worth nothin.

All this fussin bouut the doctor and hospital bills air false! Bofe sides plan on borriein more tuh tak keer uf thet. hit is jest a matter as to who gits the most muny frum hit! The doctors, hospitals or busines peeple!

As to war, hit don't much matter whi is in, we wil fite sumone. The repubs lak to fite israels enemies, and the demos lak to fite them what got oil.

We air wel on air way to mercernarie armies, no mater whom git in. Got more uf them now then our boys!
Sides Halliburton will handel thet problen .

So tak yer pik! Whut will do the least harm?

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