It is time for the fence here!

When we get the fence completed completely across the USA from California to Florida, with the guards in the towers in sight of one another and the cameras all working and the helicopters in the air at all tomes with 50 calibers pointed, and the moats filled with crocodiles who are fed sparsely, and after profiling of color and appearance has been legalized, and it works; then, I think we can do the same for Fayette County to keep our schools and home values up to par.

Now I'm talking about all around Fayette County and not just at the Clayton and Fayette line!

They can easily drive around that line!

Maybe we also need to add those we don't want such as Gwinnett County has?
I mean the Indos, the Viets, the South Americans (profiled), the Indians (East and West), the Hindies, the Jews, the Palestinians, and the Alabamians.

We can start now just as the feds did several years ago and they only have zero safe miles fenced yet, so we need to start. I'm not even counting Canada and the Caribbean Islands! And Parachutes and submarines!

Once we calculate what the longest ladder is that can be built, then we can decide on the final wall height!
As to tunnels, I suggest that we bury the waste from the new atomic energy plants we are going to build under the fence.

As to helicopters, as they use in Canada to get here, I suggest a new wing of Air Force for the Border Patrol! We are building a lot of F-22s we don't need in Marietta, we could give them to the Border Patrol. A lot of F-117s are also available. Converted to green fuel, however.

My only fear is that if and when I ever drive out of Fayette County, that I won't be able to get back in!

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