NOLA again

Where are all those people going up the road going this time?

Where will they stay? Who will feed them?

How are the buses going to get through that traffic jam?

Will the buses hang around and bring them back? Them what want to go back, that is?

Will they set up soup lines long-side the road fer em to et?

Whut about Johnnies?

If it do flood, who will fix the houses this time? Where do they stay until th
jey are fixed? By whom?

What if it don't flood? Will we give them all 2000 dollars of credit card to get home on?

Will their jobs still be there? What if they flooded out too?

If everyone is evacuating, what are the guards and cops needed there for? Couldn't they just arrest anyone still there? After all it is mandatory to leave! Surely the criminals wouldn't stay?

They gonna all need sum hep, fast!

Reckin FEMA thunk of this stuff?

Good job Brownie!

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