Janet Smola Votes for Higher Taxes

Fayette School Board member Janet Smola voted to increase property taxes to $90 Million. While the State of Georgia cut education expenses, the school board decides to increase spending. Voters just re-elected Smola in July. Did she campaign on a higher tax platform? Of course not. The Smola family loves to spend tax money. Tyrone residents already knew Ms. Smola’s husband, ex-councilman Mike Smola, was responsible to Tyrone’s $1 million budget deficit. Mr. Smola voted for taxpayers to pay $675,000 for a new library that Tyrone can’t afford. Mike also voted for a zoning ordinance that has run-off so many businesses in Tyrone that it has caused monthly revenues to decrease to $53,000 while fixed monthly expenditures rose to $275,000 - a projected annual loss of $2,664,000. Like husband like wife. Tyrone voters finally got rid of Mike last year, but Fayette Voters get 4 more years of Janet. Enjoy your property tax increase Fayette citizens.

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