It's Official - Clayton County Loses It!

Fox 5 confirmed the bad news for Clayton County Public Schools.

Fox 5 Story

Here is a link to FAQ's sheets from Clayton County Public Schools Website about how losing Accreditation affects both students and teachers.

Clayton County Web info

I am married to a Clayton County Public School Teacher, so we're watching the exodus first hand.

As a new teacher this isn't so bad, but as a veteran it would be tough. It's possible that teachers who actually care about this school system will stick it out to see better days, and will advance as long-term teachers leave. On the other hand, this makes me angry for master teachers who see retirement on the horizon; they haven't contributed to this problem. Everyone is pointing fingers at their schools, but the board is the entire problem.

Having a horrible board has cost over 50,000 students, thousands of parents, and hundreds of teachers their chance to be proud about their education system.

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