Cell tower expansion OK'd

Fri, 08/22/2008 - 3:18pm
By: John Munford

Will add to base of tower, not height, as Verizon upgrades equipment

Verizon Wireless will be allowed to update the equipment on a cell phone tower off Senoia Road thanks to a variance approved Thursday by the Peachtree City Council.

The variance will allow for equipment on the base of the tower to be expanded into a 6x20 foot area, encroaching into the city-required setbacks. The new area will be enclosed with brick columns and a wooded fence to match the existing facility.

The tower, built after July 1995, also includes cellular equipment for Sprint in what is called "co-location" of cell services in the city's bid to keep the number of cell towers in the city to a minimum.

The tower is 106 feet off Senoia Road, 74 feet from the AMLI Apartments property and 25 feet from the Carmichael Funeral Home. The new area will not be visible from Ga. Highway 74, Senoia Road or the rear of the funeral home, according to a memo from city staff about the project.

The variance was recommended for approval by city planning staff. Staff recommended that American Tower be required to plant a minimum of seven wax myrtle shrubs to the north and south of the fenced area to help screen the compound from view.

Council also required American Tower to replace any existing trees on the site should they be damaged or die within five years of the expansion. If that happens, the company shall replace them with trees of equal caliper.

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