Odd stuff this week!!

A 911 supervisor was "removed" in Fulton County for having an obviously incapable operator there for a long time.
She had 2100 Pages of discipline and reprimands---as big as an International un-edited dictionary!
Didn't even know those people even gave reprimands in writing anyway.
The :removal was to give him another office and to run a second responsibility he had----Emergency Management!!!! Can you believe that? Doesn't anyone get "FIRED" anymore and pensions stopped? Even the screw-up with Nickels and the several deaths won't cause anyone to get "fired."

Mr. Seabaugh, our house man, wants everyone to have a gun and carry it if they wish everywhere they go. Even to the airport, bars with drunks, ball games, any crowd!!!

Noticed that a new industry has started___"Trash-out Men." They are companies clearing out foreclosed homes, boarding them up and sometime managing hundreds of them! They belong to banks.
They even rip out the dirty carpets and sledgehammer any furniture or any thing else left. They are required not to sell or give it away. Some even left their family pictures and of course unopened bills.

It was released that we now have 190,000 contractors in Iraq. More than soldiers. They make about 3-6 times as much as a soldier. In cash that is.
So it does take more than we thought to fight a war? About a million soldiers have cone and gone, I don't know about contractors!

Our Federal Attorney General, General Mukasey, says there was nothing done wrong in the Justice department when they hired only republicans and fired all known democrats. Those supervisors will stay but in different jobs and get chewed out for being stupid! No one said who ordered such hiring and firing! Rove maybe? The VP. Even higher?

Fayette County may want to take a lesson from Fulton and DeKalb as to how to get more budget money in these hard times:
They simply raised the home values 10 to 30 % for tax purposes!!!
Lay-off someone, you must be kidding?

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