Leonard spends 30 days at Dauphin Island Sea Lab

Wed, 08/13/2008 - 9:09am
By: The Citizen

Jennifer Leonard

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab offered a summer course from June 1-27, 2008, for high school students across the country to come explore the marine environment through classroom lecture, laboratory and field activities.

Local McIntosh High School student Jennifer Leonard attended the month-long course and came back with new knowledge and an unforgettable experience. The Alabama State Department of Education highly approves this program and recommends that school systems accept the credit earned, such credit can be applied to either an advanced or standard diploma.

Leonard was given the chance to participate in quite a unique program where she took part in exploring a salt marsh community, beach profiling, reef fishing and trawling aboard the Sea Lab's 65 foot research vessel, the A. E. Verrill. Other activities included setting up and maintaining a marine aquarium, collecting and identifying marine species from various habitats, lab and field dissections, an individual research project and a panel discussion with professionals in marine science. Students also got to go on an overnight snorkeling trip at St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, Fla.

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab High School Program is open to students from all over the country, giving many students who don’t live near the ocean a chance to explore and learn about the marine environment through a diverse array of activities. Leonard was able to gain new friends, new knowledge and new skills from her summer spent at Dauphin Island.

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