Senoia wants to switch to four year terms

Thu, 08/07/2008 - 3:32pm
By: John Thompson

The city of Senoia will stage a public hearing September 15 to consider switching the Mayor and City Council’s terms from two years to four years. The move comes in part due to the problems of conducting municipal elections during even years.

City administrator Richard Ferry explained that paper ballots would probably have to be used for the two council seats up for election this November and there is no provision for advanced voting in municipal elections.

In addition to staging a public hearing on the issue, the city will also solicit written and electronic comments to try and gauge the public’s sentiment on the issue.

If the City Council signs off on the issue, the matter would then be sent to the General Assembly, because the change in terms would require a modification of the city’s charter.

City attorney Drew Whalen said that if the issue was approved, the two councilmen elected this November would actually serve three year terms. Next year, the mayor and other two councilmen would be elected to four year terms.

In other news, the city agreed on a location for the new police station. The Council unanimously approved a three-acre site on Howard Road, near the city’s ballfields. Ferry said the city purchased the land from Southern Mills for $232,000 and would provide excellent access to Howard Road after the county completes the upgrading of the road.

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